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Wine Brand Creation



Decades of bringing great Canadian wines to new heights.


For the past 30 years, we’ve created and recreated dozens of iconic Canadian wine brands. From estate wineries to concept blends, we’ve had a hand in naming, designing and revitalizing some of the most recognizable wine brands on the market.

Almost as much as we love great wine, we savour eye-catching labels and names that stick in the mind. We also love delivering value for Canadian winemakers, helping them continue to live their passion by positioning their brands for success.

Being Seen

The wine industry in Canada is more competitive than ever, with winemakers increasingly pressed to create something that not only tastes great, but stands out on the shelf. Fresh names, concepts and stories are all becoming more and more influential in creating wine that succeeds.

Story Sells

We have a track record of creating compelling, story-driven wine brands. We place a premium on creating brands with an emotional connection that helps bolster the unique appeal of your wine, transforming great wine into success, and moments into memories.

Going Deep

Our brand philosophy is that you already have the makings of a truly compelling story. Our team gets to the heart of the matter through in-depth research, gathering intelligence from all corners to create a unified vision for a complete brand appeal, from the name all the way to the kitchen table.

Turning Wine Into Magic

Estate Winery Excellence


Canada has seen a surge in estate wineries in the past few decades, and we’ve been a part of bringing some of them to a truly international pedigree, from Jackson-Triggs to Le Clos Jordanne.

Captivating Concept Blends


Today’s wine is global in the full sense of the word. With vineyards and winemakers looking to internationally sourced varietals, we’ve helped create some of the most recognizable concept wines on the market, like Naked Grape and Bodacious.

“The strength of the Naked Grape label is obvious. We felt it is very compelling, the grape is the star. In our company this brand is seen as a home run and it is driving a very large portion of our growth in a very core segment of domestic wines in the $7-10 range. It has shipped 225% of its intial forecast, exceeding our most optimistic expectations.”

Scott Starra
Marketing Director, New Product Development
Arterra Wines Canada

“Don has created the premier Design Firm on the West Coast and one of the top design firms in Canada. I have often referred to Don as a Strategic Creative person (a trait not always found in creative types). It is rare in life that you come across an individual as talented as Don Chisholm” 

Steve Bolliger
SVP Marketing 
Arterra Wines Canada



“I presented yesterday the Pinot Grigio & Pinot Noir to the sales team, WOW…Everyone loves them!!!! Great job team! When we bottle the Pinot Nior at the end of the month, we will send you a case.”

Dominique Berberi
Managing Director, BU Wines
Arterra Wines Quebec 



“We just love the beautiful work you did! The reception to the Orolo branding has been huge. Thank you.” 

Christa-Lee McWatters
General Manager
Time Family of Wines



Let's make something timeless.

Whatever stage you’re at with your wine brand—revitalizing a legacy or creating something fully new—we can help. 

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